Solitaire Lake


Sometimes being solitary is submitting to yourself. Creating an ambience that allows you to be in your own company. Solitaire is offering a world which is well connected, yet giving you that solitary feel which not every place can guarantee.

Solitaire brings you 11 lac sq. ft. of unspoilt land which can harmonize your days and make your nights thoughtful. The project is bringing you an ambience that is un-adultered and unmatched.

Walk in to a land which is touched by clouds, lose yourself to the misty ways while still holding ground.

Solitaire is novel project created to bring value to your health, and also wealth.

At Solitaire, our aim is not only to bring you an eco-friendly and natural ambience, but by doing so inculcate some natural practices towards eco sensitivity.

Each 20,000 sq. ft. plot we provide is not merely a piece of land, but reared and cultivated to your present use. Our 2000 sq. ft. woodhouse bungalows are a marvellous piece of architecture and remain unimitated. Each bungalow is flanked by fully grown plantation of 50 fruit trees. These well grown trees are 5-6 feet high and already offering a green and peaceful feel to your plot. We are extending these greeneries to your washrooms too by decorating them with ample plants.