We at Solitaire lake are offering unique wood house bungalows, which offer a natural living ambience. The 2000 sq. feet bungalows are cosy and set amidst the ethereal beauty of Lonavala. Flanked by Koraigadh on one side and the Pawna dam waters on other, the bungalows are a natural model towns, sparsely touched by the feel of concrete.

At Solitaire, each plot comes with a unique view and a remotely peaceful experience. Lie down on the porch and watch the clouds hurry across or walk across the lake and indulge in a fishing game. Solitaire is created with the intention of being different, a difference you will only notice as you experience.

While creating a difference, we are offering you the following amenities-

  • Every Woodhouse bungalow comes with a barbecue. The experience is to offer you a countryside feel.
  • The estate houses a 30,000 Sq. ft. lake, which is an ideal pastime for boating and fishing.
  • The various adventure sports we are to introduce like zip-line etc, would make you feel, you are on a perennial holiday.
  • A floating restaurant in the middle of the reservoir can serve as an ideal time to be with your family.
  • Galloping across the estate by indulging in horse riding.